Start Your Wildly Successful First Business - With Complete Confidence - After 50.


You're not sure where to start

You're completely risk averse

Fear of Failure's got you second guessing

The 'tech' stuff feels like it might be over your head (it's not)

You're simply not sure you can call yourself an 'entrepreneur'


Are you finally ready to just have someone give you the EXACT STEPS you need to take to start your business and SHOW YOU HOW to take these steps?

I get it.

I almost got to the breaking point when I started my first business.

So many 'experts' telling me to 'try this strategy' or 'try that strategy'. 

Or, my all time favorite?  "Check out these 7 tools, compare them and see which one works best for you."

Uh, if I knew how to compare these tools and had buckets of spare hours to devote to the process I wouldn't be here looking for help! Sheesh. 

SOMEONE. PLEASE. JUST SHOW ME WHAT TO DO... became my daily plea.

I was tired of donking around with 'this and that strategies' and hours of research and comparing tools and figuring things out. 

I just wanted to start my business.

I was completely willing to do whatever someone told me to do if they would have just told me what to do. 


But, I never found this person or resource.


The Scrappy Business Club is  the place for you if you want to know the EXACT steps to take (in the right order) and for someone to SHOW YOU HOW to take them...

So, you can get your business started already:)

Introducing The Scrappy Business Club

A Monthly Membership, Business-Starting Club for Women 50+. 
Get the detailed map, with directions for the shortest route, for starting your business. 
Stop wandering and wondering. 
Limited-Time ONLY (Doors close soon).

You won't find on-going, personalized business coaching, resources, how-to's, accountability and support exclusively created for women 50, for this little investment, anywhere.


 If you’re a woman 50+ who wants to start and grow her own business - with complete CONFIDENCE - than you know having a proven, step-by-step plan (battle tested by someone just like you) coupled with how-to's and a community for on-going support, is going to get you there faster and with more success. 

I want to help you. 

Hi, I'm Colleen. Creator of The Scrappy Business Club.


It's a monthly membership club, sort of like Netflix, but rather than watch movies and eat popcorn we work together to get your business started.  

Each month you'll have access to: 

 1. A Topic-Specific Master Class

This deep-dive class will focus on one specific area or step in starting your business so that you become an expert in this step and can check it of your 'learning curve' To Do list.   

2. A Virtual Group Coaching Session 

We'll meet virtually one time per month so that you can ask specific questions about how to implement our master class topic in YOUR business.

3. A Virtual Coworking Session

Just about the coolest, most helpful way I spend my time these days.

We'll get together virtually so that you can ask any questions about things you're working on in your business (get unstuck), have the motivation of the group behind you (accountability) and so that you don't feel alone. 

Entrepreneurship can be lonely.   

4. A Private, Member's-Only Facebook Group 

This isn't just another casual Facebook Group, but a close-knit group of Scrappy entrepreneurs who are motivated and serious about getting their businesses up and running.

The power of the group:

  • Get your questions answered quickly
  • Get feedback on something you're working on from the group (more eyeballs is always helpful)
  • Offer support and feedback where YOU have expertise 
  • Cheer each other on.

We'll be rolling up our sleeves and getting it done.

Upcoming Master Classes

JUNE: Your Facebook Page

How to set it up. How to attract the right customers. How to create content your customers will engage with. How to use your FB Page to 'test' your ideas. 


Master this amazing and essential)tool that enables you to create all of the business assets you need from social media graphics, blog post images, business cards, logos, brochures and more... without being a professional graphic designer. 

AUGUST: Find Your Audience

How to get your product or service in front of your customers. How to 'sell' when you hate the idea of 'selling'.  How to create a plan you can easily implement time and again to generate on-going sales. 

What Current Members Are Saying about The Scrappy Business Club


It's Your Turn for Success. A Monthly Membership, Business-Starting Club for Women 50+.


Start A Business after 50?

But where do I even start? 

Maybe you've been thinking about starting a business for a long time - months, years, or decades maybe?

You might have notebooks full of ideas and brainstorms. Or, maybe you're a Post-It Note fan and have those stuck everywhere.

But, you've stopped short of starting. You haven't gotten beyond the dreaming and brainstorming.

Here's why most women over 50 don't get off the starting block:

Without a step-by-step plan it's darn near impossible know which step to take first.

You've made the mistake of doing a little research on the Internet... only to get paralyzed by the millions of hits to your query, "How to start a business"

Or, it may be the tech and social media stuff that feels foreign.

Maybe you simply don't believe you can claim the the title of entrepreneur because you don't have 'official business experience', or maybe it's simply a role haven't let yourself dare imagine. 

And, here's why getting it right the first time is critical: 

We've worked a lifetime to have what we have. We simply can't risk it.

While we still have loads of time ahead of us we do have less time than a thirty-something starting a business. Time is of the essence (sort of).

The good news is we live in an amazing age. The internet has opened the opportunity of entrpreneurship to everyone, including us.

And, you can create a business doing just about anything.

Which means...

We get to jump in there, too. Make money doing something we love.

As long you can get off the starting block, understand which steps to take, first, second and third and understand why starting a business after 50, in this crazy modern world, isn't nearly as hard as you think.


I've taken everything I've learned from starting two businesses and created the EXACT program I wish I had when I started.


It's an on-going 'learning and get-real-stuff-done business club' where you'll get support in each step of starting your business. 

I have been EXACTLY where you are - feeling a bit overwhelmed, confused and nervous. What if I take a wrong turn? Invest money I don't get back? Or, worse, not sell anything?

THE SCRAPPY BUSINESS CLUB is the ONLY membership program of its kind that…


As digitial immigrants we approach the tech and social media stuff differently. I worked in educational technology for years and understand how to help you master this stuff. 


Having a proven, detailed plan is going to give you the confidence you need to get off the starting starting block, help you minimize the risks and help you get your business making money faster than trying to go it alone.


The world is complicated these days. Starting a business doesn't have to be.

I've pared the process down for you - to only what you need and nothing you don't. 

So, if you’re ready to finally start your business with confidence, while minimizing the risk, it's time to JOIN THE SCRAPPY BUSINESS CLUB.


Imagine a year from now... you won't still be wondering how to start your business. You'll be learning how to grow the business you've already started.

Colleen's Work with Women Entrepreneurs 50+ Has Been Featured In

The Scrappy Business Club Guarantee

I wholeheartedly believe The Scrappy Business Club will help you get your business started with confidence.

But, I never want you to be unhappy. You may cancel your monthly memberhship at anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you're ready to take those notebooks full of ideas and finally get off the starting block then, yes, The Scrappy Business Club is exactly what you need.

Yes, yes and yes. We've already talked about how the 50+ set is in a better position to start a business than someone half our age. And, it takes time to get a business up and running so there's no time like the presence.

Yes, it's precisely WHY you need The SBC. I will be teaching you what you need to do to start your business - from generating and validating your business idea to finding your customers and everything in between.

Yes, but keep in mind the internet will return millions of 'hits' to any questions you ask it. You're left to sort through it all, determine which order it needs to be in and put all of the puzzle pieces together. 

Perfect. Than you know how critical it is to continually re-visit the fundamentals. You need to be continuely tweaking what you're doing and continually learning so you can grow. 

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The Scrappy Business Club is $37 per month. Your price is locked in for as long as you remain a member in good standing. So, in a year, when new members are paying $47 or $57 per month you'll only pay $37 per month.

Each month we'll focus on one topic or area of starting your business in this recorded deep-dive class - so you understand it inside and out AND how to apply what you learn to YOUR business.

After you've had the chance to work through the month's deep-dive masterclass I'll host a live group coaching session (virtually) where you get to ask questions and make sure you understand how to implement what you've learned to YOUR business.

Co-Working is a cool model. We will meet virtually (via Zoom) for a specified period of time.

We'll spend the time working on our individual businesses, but it's also an opportunity to get feedback on something specific you're working on or just ask questions.

We have the abilty to 'screen share' so I can show you HOW to do something on my computer; or, we can look at something on your computer and offer feedback.

It's part accountability (really setting time aside to work on your business), part learning, and part community.

It's a Facebook Group for members of the Scrappy Business Club only.

It's a space to come ask your questions to get anwers quickly (no waiting for the next session).

It's also a space to get feedback on your work, offer support where you can and simply enjoy the community of women - all doing what you're doing - starting a business.

Yes, the Scrappy Business Club is a monthly membership. Cancel your membership at any time. (Please know if you decide to re-join it will be at the current monthly rate).

It's a monthly membership. No long term contracts. You may cancel at anytime. You'll continue to have access to the Club and its resources during the current month and lose access to all resources going forward. Also, please know if you decide to re-join at a later date it will be at the current monthly rate.

What Current Members Are Saying about The Scrappy Business Club

Colleen's Work with Women Entrepreneurs 50+ Has Been Featured In

The Scrappy Business Club

Your Chance for Success. A Monthly Membership, Business-Starting Club for Women 50+


Why I Joined The Scrappy Business Club

A few words from Founding Members

I need a mentor like you in my life. A positive person not a naysayer. I am constantly not trusting my instincts and ability b/c others don't believe in me. I feel that this club is a perfect choice to prove to myself that I can and will do this. ~Maureen .

Joined....because your story really resonated with me.  I'm 54 soon to be 55 and just got made redundant for the first time in my life!! So seizing the opportunity to start a business I've been thinking about for the last 2 years.  Looking forward to the challenge and think I've found the perfect person to give me guidance and support.~Sandra

I joined because you [Colleen] have provided me with such great and helpful information already and you have been so encouraging helping me to believe in my abilities to build my business. I felt light and energised once I'd made the decision to join. I know I’ve done the right thing. I appreciate you! ~Chris

Quite honestly, I've learned just enough to be dangerous. . . but not enough yet to successfully launch my business on the internet.  So I think Colleen’s help in The Scrappy Business Club will be invaluable during the next stage of the journey. ~Elise J


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