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Why Facebook is one of the most powerful tools for your business.
Personal profiles, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups. Which do you need for your business?
Your Personal Profile and Your Business
Facebook Pages and Your Business
Facebook Groups and Your Business
Start building an audience from scratch.
Content Strategy
Tips, Tricks and Other Must Knows

"Hi Colleen, I joined the Facebook for Business course because I know it will fill those missing gaps and things I need to know to really get my business off the ground running. I’ve completed another of the Scrappy Foundations courses and learned things I didn’t even know existed even though I’ve been using Facebook for years! Colleen walks you through the courses in easy to follow steps. She’s so approachable and along with the group of fabulous ladies you get all the support you need. I’ve loved it and am sure I’m going to love and learn a lot through this new course."


This Training Is For You If You Want To:

  • Learn how to strategically use Facebook to start and grow your business.
  • Know how to build an audience from complete scratch
  • Understand how to get your audience to engage
  • Learn about the different types of content you can use to get your audience excited.

About Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Colleen. I became a 2-time entrepreneur after getting laid off 3 years ago. Today, I help other women over 50 start small businesses. I've developed systems and processes to bridge  the tech and social media gap we face as digital immigrants.

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"There’s a saying “When a student is ready, a teacher will appear.” I was the student in Colleen Kochannek’s Scrappy Facebook Foundation class. I knew my way around Facebook. In fact I thought I was pretty FB savvy. However, I knew there were lots of easier ways to move around the FB world. Along with other Scrappy Business classmates (over 50 ladies) Colleen guided us through some of the nooks and crannies of FB. I want to teach some online classes. When Facebook for Business was offered, I signed up right away! Colleen’s friendly, knowledgeable, mixed with humor, approach to teaching appealed to me. I’m a retired educator with a lot to share and am excited to begin the Facebook for Business class. As I said “When a student is ready, a teacher will appear.”"


Frequently Asked Questions

FB for Business is an online video-based course that teaches you how to use Facebook to start and grow your business.

It's the second of four courses designed to teach you how to use FB to promote your business, products and services. Course Series: 1.) Facebook Foundations, 2.) Facebook for Business, 3.) Facebook Lives and 4.) Facebook Ads.

Facebook for Business is a self-paced course. Work through it at your own pace. New lessons will be delivered weekly, until all lessons are complete. 

Most lessons are micro-lessons so you can move through the material quickly.

You have lifetime access so you can revisit the micro lessons as often as needed.

I will monitor and answer questions in the exclusive closed FB Group. 

There are 8 main modules (outlined above) in the course. The number of micro lessons will vary. Micro lessons may be added or removed as Facebook changes - which it does all the time!

Yes! Facebook for Business will discuss how to use Facebook to test drive your business idea. Validate your idea before you spend money! How about that.

Well, a lifetime or for as long as the course platform exists (a super-duper long time).

It sure is. We can learn just about anything on the internet.

The benefit of this Facebook  for Business course is everything is in one place and you have on-going support from me:) via the closed Facebook Group for students only.

You also get to 'look over my shoulder' as I SHOW you exactly how to do things.

One challenge with 'learning on the internet' is you need to know what you want to learn before you can search it out. If you're not familiar with all that Facebook has to offer it will be difficult to search it out.

Yes. I am offering a full money-back guarantee if requested within 7 days of purchase. 

"I have been in business for years...been to so many workshops about busines. I must say I have learned so much since I connected with Colleen in less than a week. Thank you for your dedication and time."


""...I just wanted to encourage you to sign up....I just wanted to tell you what an amazing help and value this will be for you. I started my business 16 months ago and paid $250.00 for a Facebook course. I was totally lost and overwhelmed with that course. Oh, and by the way, that same course costs $700.00 today. The cost of this course is totally doable for a new start up business and it will be well worth your moeny so by the time you are ready to target your avatar you are not pulling your hair out."



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