The ONLY course built for women 50+ who want to understand how to use ALL of FB's features.

Finally! You'll completely get the ins and outs of Facebook's ever-changing features and be able to put Facebook to WORK FOR YOU.

In this course you learn ALL of  the basics of Faceook: From how to create your proflle to little known features, tips and tricks; and, how to make Facebook work for you.

Never have to ask "How do I do this in Facebook?" again.

Master All The Fundamentals of Facebook:

>How to create your Personal Profile

>Manage your security and privacy settings

>How to post (GIFS, Uploading Images, Video and more)

>How to share posts

>How to 'save' items for future viewing

>Little-known features and tips for making the most of Facebook

>How to navigate Facebook from your SmartPhone (Yes, it's different than from your computer or tablet).


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Here's how we'll help you get here:

Module 1

Facebook Foundations Welcome Series

Module Highlights:

  • Course Welcome Video 
  • Facebook Reality Check
  • Navigating the Facebook Foundations Course
Module 2

About Facebook

Module Highlights:

  • Facebook: The Fine Print and Need-To-Know Stuff
  • Facebook: A General Tour
Module 3

Personal Profile Settings

Module Highlights:

  • Personal Profile: General Tour
  • 3 Ways to Get to Your Personal Profile
  • Personal Profile: Profile Picture
  • Personal Profile: Cover Photo
  • Personal Profile: News Feed Preferences
  • Personal Profile Settings: General Account Settings and Security and Login
  • Personal Profile Settings: Privacy, Timeline + Tagging, Location, and Blocking
  • Personal Profile Settings: Notifications
  • Personal Profile Settings: Miscellaneous 
Module 4


Module Highlights:

  • Anatomy of A Facebook Post
  • Things You Can Do to A Post: Add A Photo, Edit A Photo, Photo Filters and Stickers, Gifs, and More
  • Control Who Sees Your Posts: Friend Lists
  • Posting on Your Profile vs. A Page vs. A Group
  • How to Schedule A Post and How to Turn Notifications On/Off for A Post
  • How to Upload An Image and Edit The Image In A Post
  • How to Edit A Post after It's Posted
  • How Much of A Post Shows
  • Posting vs. Commenting vs. Replying
  • How to Get Notifications from a Group or Page So You Don't Miss the Good Stuff
Module 5

Facebook Features, Tips and Tricks

Module Highlights:

  • Search Bars
  • Find Videos and Photos Easily
  • How to Delete Photos or Videos from Your Profile, A Page or A Group
  • Facebook: Known and Little Known Features
Module 6

Navigating Facebook from Your Phone

Module Highlights:

  • Facebook from Your Phone: Overview
  • Facebook from Your Phone: Personal Profile Settings and Editing
  • Facebook from Your Phone: Posting 


One Time Charge - Lifetime Access

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