Facebook Foundations

Never have to ask "How do I do this in Facebook?" again.

Master the fundamentals of Facebook:

  • How to create your Personal Profile
  • Manage your security and privacy settings
  • How to post (GIFS, Uploading Images, Video and more)
  • How to share posts
  • How to 'save' items for future viewing
  • Little-known features and tips for making the most of Facebook

And, how to naviate Facebook from your SmartPhone (Yes, it's different than from your computer or tablet).

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Facebook for Business

Facebook is the #1 marketing tool for businesses. Understanding how to use Facebook to launch and grow your business. In this course you'll learn:

  • What you need to create in Facebook for your business (Profile, Page and / or Group?)
  • How to use your Profile to promote your business (Hint: very carefully)
  • How to use a Page to promote your business
  • How to use a Group to promote your business (and, if you need a group)
  • How to create a Content Plan that is manageable and effective.
  • How to grow an audience from scratch (and for free).

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