Want To Make The Hugest Impact With Your Business?

mindset Jul 04, 2019

Yes, I used the word ‘hugest’ to make a statement. To make an impact.

Why? When I talk to women 50+ who want to start a business it almost goes without saying that one of their drivers for starting a business is to make an impact.

An impact on others’ lives.

An impact on their own lives.

And, ‘making an impact’ typically trumps making money as a reason for starting a business, too.

To me this is obvious.

As women over 50 we’ve so much life experience under our belts and we have so many desires for our own lives. We want purpose and freedom and fulfillment. Making an impact on our own life and on others’ ticks all of these boxes.

So, what is the best way to make a huge impact?


Start the business you’ve been dreaming about. 

Start doing the work. 

Start making it count.  

Start making an impact!

07:14   How you're going to make an impact in your business?

10:47   In business, you have to solve a problem.

13:21   Shouldn't I do this for free at first?

16:03   The challenge when we lower our prices or give stuff away for free.

21:06   Learn to be confident.

23:22   What’s your value?

26:37   Here’s where impact comes in.

34:12   What happens if you overprice something?

37:51   Know your value first!

48:18   What if you’re afraid to raise your price because you’re afraid of losing your current customers?

52:38   Money mindset


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