3 Old School Skills That Give You A Massive Advantage In Business

mindset Jul 22, 2019

When starting a business after 50 we often spend a lot of time and emotional energy worrying about what we need to learn and all of the things that we don’t know yet. 

These are typically the ‘tech and social media’ tools we’ll need to use in business. 

What happens then is we get tunnel vision and focus solely on the ‘TECH STUFF’ - believing that it’s the one and only thing  - that we forget to stop and think about what we DO KNOW and what WE ARE bringing to the table.

Yes, technology is important and you do have to embrace it. That’s not the question. 

The point is we need a lot of skills to be successful and, as women over 50, we have some seriously badass skills that you may not even realize you have - that are super important in starting a successful business.

These are old-school skills.

And, never underestimate the power of a good old-school skill.

In this FB Live I talk about the top 3 old-school skills I know you have as a woman over 50 and that you should keep in mind as you’re starting your business.

While they might be ‘old school they’re vital skills that the younger set simply do not have. That means you have a HUGE advantage when starting a business. 

Think about this: These old-school skills were earned and learned and internalized over decades. Technology and time have changed things so the younger set simply never had the need or opportunity to learn these skills.

But, boy oh boy, do they pay off.

00:09:17   Spending so much time worrying over all this stuff?

00:11:07   Top 3 Old School Skills

00:13:02   We have learned to do things right the FIRST TIME

00:16:47   This skill gave us the ability to pay focused attention to details

00:21:18   Modern Spaghetti Model

00:23:30   Analysis Paralysis

00:25:54   A little Facebook Live pro tip for you

00:26:44   We have REAL people skills

00:33:52   Pro tip: catch him OFF GUARD

00:37:40   Critical thinking skills

00:40:14   How did we become critical thinkers

00:48:45   What we're bringing to the table cannot just be learned

00:53:24   Where analysis paralysis comes from


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