You Need StartUp Money, But Do You Know How Much?


Startup money is one of the BIGGEST questions I get from the Scrappy audience. Well, how much money do I need to start my business is the real question?

As you can imagine, it’s impossible to answer this question because it DEPENDS… on the type of business you’re starting.

Going big with a brick and mortar store? You’ll need more money than if you’re starting a strictly online business

But, at the same time, I can give you a guide for what you need to be thinking about in terms of startup money and how you might begin estimating what you’ll need.

In the VIDEO I run through several things to consider about the money you may (or may not need) when starting a business.

Watch the whole video or jump to a timestamp that grabs your attention:

00:05:16  Starting a Business with No Money is a Myth

00:06:02  Your Time Is Money

00:11:11  How Much Money Does it Cost to Start a Business?

00:12:07  Never Say SMALL In Terms of Your Business

00:14:11  Potential Cost Startup between Idea Stage and Early Stage

00:16:16  Your Number One Investment in The Idea Stage

00:20:18  The Early Stage of Your Business

00:22:01  Hobby vs. Business

00:23:57  Get Your Business Registered

00:29:29  Buy A Domain Name

00:35:04  Getting an Email Service Provider

00:37:56  MailChimp

00:38:54  Treat a Facebook Page as your Website

00:45:43  Some expenses to consider depends on the Kind of Business

00:47:44  You Also Need to invest in Education

00:49:42  As soon as you’re making money, start a Business Bank Account

00:54:42  Businesses Have Costs

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