The Whole 'MINDSET' Thing Feels Over Done, But There's Really Something to it...

business prep mindset Mar 15, 2019

As much as the whole ‘mindset’ thing feels over done, because we’re seeing it everywhere, it really is a thing.

When starting a business after 50 our mindset and the way we think about things is super critical. Truth be told, we’re often ‘set in our ways’ at our age, but jumping out of that way of thinking is what’s going to help you be successful.

In this video I talk about 4 mindset shifts you can make to ensure your jump into entrepreneurship is successful.

Watch the whole video, or jump to a section that grabs you.

03:03  Train To Be Flexible

04:59  Be Open To Learning

05:49  Be Willing to be a Beginner

07:24  Be Willing to be Uncomfortable

12:19  Should You Take Time to Do Research?

13:35  Invest in Education

16:13  Spend your TIME Wisely



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