Looking for Business Ideas In All The Right Places

business prep scrappy tv Feb 17, 2019

One of the biggest questions I get is "Where do I come up with MY business idea?"

Fair question, right? And, when we're becoming first-time entrepreneurs at 50 and beyond the question is even more poignant.

We're ready to start a business NOW, but we're also keenly aware that we've worked really hard for what we already have and we don't want to risk that.

In this Scrappy TV episode I talk about some super obvious and some super not-so-obvious places to begin searching for YOUR great business idea.

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00:05:34 The Right Business Idea is IMPORTANT

00:09:36 Caveat for choosing a business idea based on something that you already do as a Profession COMES WITH A WARNING

00:11:57 If it's practical and you love it, run with that business idea. If it's practical and you don't love it, kick it to the curb

00:14:12 What are you Trained to Do? (Something that you're already specially trained in that you could draw upon to turn into a business)

00:23:32 Childhood and Youth (What are things that you did in your much younger years as a child or a young person that you love to do that has kind of ... you've stopped doing them)

00:25:54 How can you bring what you loved to do as a kid or a youth, bits and pieces of that into your new business to make it exciting and more fun?

00:30:33 Where do you choose to spend your free time now? (I think answering these kinds of questions really gives us some clues about what we might be really interested in)

00:31:44 Turning a hobby or passion into a business...definitely requires some consideration as well.

00:33:00 Not every Hobby is necessarily going to make a Viable Business

00:37:39 The WORLD is our market now

00:42:33 Pricing is a Value Reflection of how people will Perceive your Value

00:44:44 What do you excel at doing?

00:49:21 What problems, challenges, or annoyances in life could you potentially find a solution for?

00:52:38 Where do you think your business idea is going to come from?

00:58:16 Kajabi...a place to house online courses

01:00:51 We sell the RESULTS OR OUTCOMES, not a product or service

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