Don't Lose Your Mind! Learn How To Schedule Facebook Posts.

productivity social media Jun 20, 2019

Putting content in front of your customers consistently is imperative to small business success today. You’ve probably heard about ‘content marketing’.

With the availability of social media platforms like Facebook, and our ability to showcase our products and services, we have the opportunity to be in front of our audience (aka customers) often.

And, you should be.

You need to be in front of your customers as much as you can. We’re inundated with marketing these days from so many angles. Staying frequently and consistently in front of customers is important. It’s how we get our audience to remember us and think about us.

Of course, content production is work. Producing a lot of content is a lot of work.

To manage the workload I recommend content batching and automating where possible.

Content batching simply means creating a whole bunch of content at one time so it’s available to you to put in front of your customers regularly.

Automation is simply the process of putting content in front of customers using a system to make it happen. It’s another GREAT way to minimize the workload of content production and delivery.

Here I want to talk about a little-known feature Facebook offers - its native scheduling tool.

I do not recommend using a 3rd party tool or app to schedule content to Facebook because Facebook penalizes content ‘automated’ through third parties.

It does not penalize content automated through its own tool though.

In this video I teach you HOW to use Facebook’s native scheduling feature to schedule your content… so you can consistently and easily show up for your customers.

After you watch the video, put any questions you have below. Or, come into The Scrappy Frontier Free Facebook Group and ask your questions there.

00:04:46   Content marketing is a BIG thing

00:09:34   Batching content

00:14:36   How to schedule posts on Facebook

00:15:24   Example of software or apps that schedule social media

00:16:24   “Facebook loves Facebook.” What does it mean?

00:20:31   How to schedule on your Facebook Page

00:26:50   How to schedule on your Facebook Group

00:32:31   Another way of batching content

00:37:55   Who can schedule posts on your FB page or group?


00:41:33   Reviewing and editing scheduled posts

00:47:30   Promotions and reminders for a Facebook live

00:48:27   Facebook live replay

00:52:45   Tips on using FB live for a product launch


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