If Selling Terrifies You Do This Instead


Nobody likes to 'sell'. In fact it terrifies the bejeezies out of most of us. Me included and I was in 'sales' for decades.


Two reasons:

1.) We love our business. We've invested so much of 'us' to bring our passion, skill or interest to life as a business. Putting it out there is scary. It can mean rejection. Rejection hurts.

2.) Because we often think about 'selling' in the wrong way.

We don't like 'selling' because we think about it as manipulation. We've come across too many sleazy, snake oil sales people in our day.

But, good selling isn't manipulation at all. In fact, it's serving. And, good selling is nearly effortless - not scary at all. It's darn near rejection proof (well, not 100% rejection proof, but a heck of a lot less).

Yes, selling is serving.

Watch the video above and you'll learn exactly why selling is serving and HOW you can serve your audience rather than sell to them.  (Serving feels so much better then feeling like we're pestering, cajoling, manipulating and harassing them for money.)

Here are the timestamps if you want to jump to a specific spot:

00:10:27 Practice Selling in Discovery Calls

00:12:23 What's the advantage we have of selling at our age?

00:14:14 Selling Reality Check

00:16:55 We Sell ALL THE TIME

00:18:48 Why is it Different When We’re Selling our OWN Business?

00:22:03 Rules of Selling

00:23:14 How do we sell with confidence, consistency, enthusiasm, et cetera?

00:23:54 Rule 1: You are not selling a product or service. You are selling the OUTCOME, the EMOTION, or the RESULT

00:30:01 Pro Tip: How do you find out what your customers really want?

00:34:35 Rule 2: It’s ALL About the CUSTOMER

00:36:34 Pro Tip: Shut Up and Listen

00:42:15 Rule 3: Selling isn't selling, it's SERVING

00:44:02 Biggest ‘Selling Mindset’ Shift

00:49:19 Facebook Page: A Great Place to Practice Selling

00:50:32 Dig Really Deep When It Comes To What You’re Selling

00:52:08 Rule 4: Sell All The Time

01:07:16 How Do You Confidently State Your Price and Stay Firm?

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