How To Uncover Hidden Talents and Skills

business prep mindset Jun 20, 2019

I guarantee that as a woman over 50 you have a multitude of skills and talents. It’s simply impossible not to.

The challenge, however, is often in recognizing what and where your zone of genius is.

Often, we overlook our abilities because it’s something we’ve done for so long that it’s EASY for us. Therefore, we no longer consider it a ‘talent’ or skill. We just think of it as something we do.

The truth is those things you simply ‘do’ are often the precise expertise you can turn into a business or, at the very least, leverage within a business you launch.

Watch the video (you can jump to a specific part below using the timestamps) and 3 places to search for your hidden talents and skills.

05:27   Walk down the memory lane

08:39   What did you love doing as a child or younger woman that you just                   haven't done in a long time?

10:36   The ‘Official Stuff’

15:36   Monitor your current day to day life

20:25   Where do you choose to spend your FREE time now

23:03   Ask other people about what they see you’re excelling at

25:02   All about uncovering the great stuff about you that you're good at

30:17   Video is very IMPORTANT in business today

31:53   How do you build your SELF CONFIDENCE


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