How To Know If Your THING Will Sell


You want to start a business, BUT you also want to know if your THING will sell before you go all in. It’s risky to think your time, money and effort may be for nothing, right?

Is this even possible? Is there a way to know that you’re going to get a RETURN on your money, time and efforts?

Well, there’s never a 100% guarantee, but we can do several things, before jumping into the deep end, to determine if our product or service has a viable market.

The process involves two main elements: YOU and the MARKET.

Watch the video to learn just what you can do to make sure your efforts are going to pay off.


00:02:40   Two main areas to Focus on: YOU AND THE MARKET.

00:04:25   Are you willing to put your thing out there for feedback?

00:05:20   Have you set specific goals for your product or service?

00:10:46   The time to set goals is in the BEGINNING.

00:13:19   Commit for the long haul.

00:15:11   Check your commitment to the process.

00:19:11   When you have put that commitment together, time management, planning priority, where does the yardstick end for some level of success to happen?

00:25:14   Entrepreneurship is a constant learning curve.

00:27:52   Can I use my pen name on Facebook page?

00:31:42   Market research.

00:34:12   How to find your competition on Facebook.

00:35:56   How do you take seriously people's opinions when they aren't buying from you?

00:40:25   Customer Research.

00:43:23   My problem is starting my price lower than everyone else because I think it's too high?

00:45:40   If you don't believe it, they're not going to believe it.

00:46:28   You need to have ONE ideal customer.

00:46:28   Customer discovery calls.

00:49:58   What’s important when we do these discovery calls.

00:54:22   What’s the best way to confirm that your ideal customer profile is congruent with your product or where you want your product to go?

00:55:07   Doing some short surveys, get their emails, offer incentive. A big survey is not a good idea. 

01:01:16   Test drive your idea before you go all in.

01:05:07   Why test driving you idea is important.

01:06:51   One challenge we find with market research.

01:12:54   Can we ask for critiques? Bring your questions to the Scrappy Frontier Facebook community.


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