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How To Keep Your Ideas Organized In Your Business


Starting, running and growing your own business definitely comes with a lot of moving parts. Success is tied directly to how well you can focus, prioritize and implement.

Distraction is the enemy of the entrepreneur. And, we all fight this beast.

Keeping our ideas and priorities organized is the best defense.

Making ‘organization’ a habit helps us:

  • Capture our ideas... for later.
  • Capture questions we need to ask… but don’t need to ask at this very minute.
  • Capture To-Do’s… that don’t have to be done this second.
  • Capture notes we’ll need... ‘at some point’.
  • Capture copy, quotes, ads, websites, posts, images that inspire us or spark our creativity… but don’t need to be acted up now.

In a nutshell, keeping organized in our business helps us focus on the present priority while giving us peace of mind we’re not missing out on anything or losing a brilliant idea (maybe it’s the ONE!).

How do you keep your ideas and priorities organized?

It’s super simple.

1. Commit to being organized

2. Find your organizational sweet spot

Watch the video or jump to a timestamp below to learn about my super simple organizational system and how it’s made all the difference in my businesses. I’ll also tell you how I started using this system even before I really knew what I wanted to do as a business. Go figure!

After you watch, let me know in the comments below your favorite way to organize your ideas! I’m always looking for new ways to conquer the distraction beast.

03:46   Distraction is the enemy of the entrepreneur and Organization is the               best defense

11:15   Pretending to multitask?

14:44   It’s physically impossible to multitask

15:31   Squirrel syndrome

16:24   How to capture information, thoughts, ideas, questions, and to do                   tasks

18:05   How does one get organized?

18:53   Commit to get organized

23:08   One notebook at a time

25:22   Find your organizational sweet spot

29:17   What kinds of information do I collect?

36:20   How do you know when to go back and pull out the idea?


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