How To Find Your IDEAL Customer


Before you can target and sell to your product or service you must know WHO your ideal customers are and WHERE they are.

In this video I look at the two primary ways to find your customers:

  1. Research
  2. The customers themselves (ask them)

Also, I'd like to make one thing clear. Your ideal customer is not EVERYBODY.


04:22  StreamYard App

06:19  Have you written a BIO about your ideal customer?

08:04  Your ideal customer is NOT everyone

14:23  Two ways to find your ideal customer

15:20  Researching online

16:21  Facebook

17:22  Search bar (a powerful tool)

22:12  Advanced tip for Facebook for finding your ideal customer

23:12  Pinterest

24:36  Google

25:40  Research on the ground locally

27:38  Meet-up

31:28  Find out where are they spending their time

32:22  Talk to people that you believe are your ideal customer

35:27  How to search for your ideal customer? 

38:09  Things you can do in your messaging and marketing

39:51  Up level your audience through your PRICE

44:24  How to create consistent action in your business to keep it going forward?


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