How to create consistent action in your business to keep it going forward.


One of the most frequent questions I get is how can I get to a place where I work on my business consistently so I can get it started, make money and grow it.

It’s a great question, one we ALL have probably asked at some point. And, I believe the answer involves a few different elements:

  1. Mindset
  2. Prioritization
  3. Commitment
  4. Working through the ‘hard stuff’

Watch the video (you can jump to a specific part below using the timestamps) and learn how to tackle each of the 4 elements so you can get consistent in YOUR business.


00:03:39  How can we make consistency happen?

00:05:37  Did you have a structured life before and now it's not? It can be challenging to reinstate structure. 

00:09:47  Getting consistent and mindset go hand in hand.

00:12:36  Set the negative mindsets or ways of thinking aside.

00:13:39  Mel Robbins (mindset). Check her out!

00:16:08  Priorities

00:19:03  ‘Creating busy work’ as a distraction

00:20:38  The ‘Too many ideas’ excuse

00:22:21  The most important thing to work on when starting a business.

00:24:01  Not everything in your business is going to be fun.

00:25:35  If you want to this. You gotta do that.

00:27:55  Commitment

00:30:39  Create a schedule for yourself and make it non negotiable.

00:34:33  How to take some time off when you’re an entrepreneur.

00:36:18  Batching content.

00:37:11  Create alarms for yourself.

00:43:25  Keep a LIST of things that you have to do and need to learn, capture them somewhere so you can focus on what you're doing now.

00:45:46  Give yourself more TIME in the BEGINNING to learn something.

00:48:22  Ask for HELP.

00:51:15  First line of defense when we're working on hard stuff...

00:52:59  Do it when it comes and only when you need it (JUST IN TIME LEARNING)

00:57:18  Concerned about success and having energy for it?

00:59:04  Struggling with Facebook page.

01:00:04  Struggling with making yourself do the things you don't want to do.


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