How to Validate A Business Idea (Even If You Already Have A Business)


Finding a great business idea is one thing. Making sure it has legs is another. In this episode of Scrappy TV I show you 3 ways to validate your business idea.

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00:08:05 The COOL thing in Today's Day and Age

00:11:11 Why it's Especially IMPORTANT at 50 and beyond to Validate our Business Ideas

00:14:55 Three Ways to Validate your Business Idea: Research, Asking, and Giving a Test Run

00:14:55 Research… Market Research

00:15:38 Competition is good...Competition is you friend

00:18:18 Research your competition…Study them

00:21:43 Asking...Start Asking People

00:24:40 Listen More than you Talk

00:26:19 Caveat about who to talk to

00:27:38 Asking Family and Friends about your Business Idea is NOT a Good Idea

00:30:47 When you're asking people question... have a set of three to five questions

00:35:38 Give Your Idea a Test Drive

00:50:41 A Facebook Page is totally RISK FREE

00:51:29 Facebook Page as a Test Page

00:53:41 Idea Test Drive Pro Tip

00:57:46 How do you find these Potential Customers on Facebook and invite them to your Page?


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