How To NOT Look Like A Total Newbie When Just Starting Your Business

mindset planning Aug 01, 2019

There’s no shame in being a beginner. We’ve all been there. In fact, there’s a lot of freedom in being able to say, “I’m new around here. Can you help me?”

I also understand that when we're starting a business, we want to come across as an expert in what we’re doing - we don’t want to appear to be fumbling.

So, the trick to doing this is keeping your ‘learning curves’ behind the scenes and keeping your expertise front and center.


You need a plan.

Watch the video to get all of the details for having a plan that will let you look like a TOTAL PRO to your customers even when you’re scratching your head behind closed doors.

Here’s a sneak peek:

  1. Be 100% clear on WHAT your business does. Avoid ‘business switching’ and avoid the cart before the horse (aka getting a logo before you’re 100% clear on #1 and #2 is a prime example).
  2. Be 100% clear on WHO your business serves. Deliver the RIGHT product or service.
  3. Plan your precise steps. Follow your steps. Be consistent with these steps. What skills do you need to learn first? What ‘assets’ do you need first (a FB Page, a landing page, other?)

There’s no avoiding being a beginner in a new business. There shouldn’t be an expectation that you won’t be. The key to looking totally PRO is building a solid plan, working it, getting help when and where you need and to keep moving forward.


00:16:31   Pro Tip on How NOT to look like a Newbie when starting a business

00:20:05   What happens if you jump in too soon?

00:21:11   How do you make a PLAN?

00:23:58   Get to ONE idea.

00:33:50   Understand who your ideal customer is.

00:37:29   Get into the nitty gritty or the LOGISTICS.


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