How To Build Self-Discipline

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2020

Having your own business. Being your own boss. Working for yourself. Setting your own hours. Time flexibility. Freedom.  It’s all positive, right?

Well, yes and no. Being an entrepreneur has way more up sides than downs, no doubt, but there are still ‘hard’ parts that few talk about. 

The need for self-discipline is one of them. And, without it your business can go nowhere really fast.

Owning your own business means there is nobody telling you at what time you need to show up. Nobody’s going to  ‘write you up’ if you show up late 3 days in a row. 

You get to be the boss when it’s your business.

Working from home adds an extra layer of challenges. There are piles of distractions like piles of laundry, piles of dishes, piles of bills, piles of ‘To-Do’s’ that need to be done.

So, how do you develop the self discipline to be the boss and work on your business? In this video I talk about 4 simple ways to get yourself working on your business consistently and I share several tips or hacks I use to minimize the everyday distractions we encounter when working from home. 

06:10   Self-discipline vs. Lack of Time (Is it really lacking?) 

09:25   Be Hundred Percent Clear on Your Why

15:22   Schedule Your Time

19:29   You Need To Make a Plan

21:06   Paper Calendar vs an Online Calendar to Schedule

26:35   Get up, Shower, Get Dress, Get Ready for the Day

28:06   Set Timers

32:12   Put a Note on your Front Door

33:42   Let Family Members Know that Work Time is Work Time

36:00   Another tip if you really need a distraction free zone

41:39   Being Consistent

Do you have more tips for building your self-discipline muscle and fighting distractions? Click here and add your ideas.


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