How to Find Time to Start Your Business... When You Have No Time


We're all so busy and the older we get the busier we get. We just have more stuff going on. 

But, the reality is we have to find the time to start our business if we want to have  a business.


Well, we know from experience that we find time for what we deem important or non-negotiable.

If you’re committed to starting a business it you must make it a non-negotiable priority.

But, it's not always that simple is it? Just saying starting a business is a non-negotiable is one thing. Carving out time to make it happen is another.

Here are 5 ways plus one bonus to find the time you need to work on your business:

  1. Understand where your time really goes
  2. Prioritize and write it down.
  3. Respect your business and your time
  4. Spring clean regularly
  5. Account for the unexpected because it’s not unexpected.
  6. Bonus - Be realist and patient with yourself.

Watch the whole video to get the details or jump to one point that grabs your attention.

Video timestamps are here:

02:40 The FIVE areas to help you FIND TIME to work on your BUSINESS

04:19 How many HOURS do you really need to START A BUSINESS?

08:30 Do you really KNOW where your TIME goes?

10:15 Do the tasks that you DON’T WANT to do

12:27 Prioritize

16:30 Respect your BUSINESS TIME and make in NON-NEGOTIABLE

20:43 Day in the Life of Scrappy Frontier

24:30 Types of Calendar or Organizational System

25:30 Digital Spring Clean Once A Month

30:03 Prepare for the UNEXPECTED Because It Is NOT UNEXPECTED

32:04 Bonus: Be Realistic and Patient

39:09 How frequently do you Suggest to do Posting, Publishing, and Emails?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on finding enough time to start your business. Come join us in The Scrappy Frontier Facebook Community and let us know what you think. 



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