7 Totally Doable Must Haves To Guarantee A Successful Start For Your Business

mindset Aug 01, 2019

The first thing many people think about when starting a business after 50 is ‘how much is this going to cost?’ or ‘it’s expensive to start a business and what if I fail?’.

But, if you’re asking these questions you’re starting in the wrong place in my opinion.

Starting a business starts way before you spend a dime on a website or on an online shop or on a FB Ad.

It starts when you get the bug. The bug to start something meaningful. Something that you love and want to make money with.

It also starts with getting your mind and life in order (generally - get your shizz in order) so you’re set up for success.

There are 7 things I believe you need to have in place to get your new endeavor off to the right foot.

They’re all free. They’re all doable. They’re not all easy, but as a woman over 50 you definitely have everything you need to get these 7 MUST HAVES going.


  1. Commitment to the process
  2. The RIGHT place at the RIGHT time which is totally in your control  
  3. Solid goals - no spaghetti models please. It’s too hard to clean off the walls.
  4. ONE idea to work with. You don’t have to marry it right away, but you need to commit to ONE idea or you’ll never get to Step #1
  5. Willingness to learn how to uncomfortable
  6. Be in love with the idea and practice of starting a business
  7. A Scrappy mindset: flexible, open, persistent, adventuresome, adaptable, willing to take some risks, willingness to learn, willingness to ask for help and willingness to help yourself. 


00:03:13   What’s the first thing most people think about when thinking about starting a business?

00:04:54   Where starting a business really starts?

00:08:30   COMMIT to the process

00:11:56   Think through the timing of your start (RIGHT place, RIGHT time)

00:16:51   Set solid GOALS

00:21:00   Work with ONE IDEA

00:25:43   Learn how to BE UNCOMFORTABLE

00:37:55   You have to be in love with both the idea and practice of starting your business

00:43:14   Scrappy MINDSET (flexible and open-minded)

00:57:38   TWO things I always want you to remember as an entrepreneur over 50



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