Learn the 3 best places to invest money to SAVE money if you're just starting your business

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2020

When we’re starting a new business we have more questions than answers. We’re overwhelmed.

We don’t want to spend any money unless we’re sure something’s going to work.

So, we put on our DIY tool belt. We suddenly become super-women who believe we can do it all. 

The truth is your best way forward - to a successful business - is to invest wisely in the beginning so you can start up quickly, effectively and start making money sooner rather than later. 

05:11   Do you like to DIY your business? 

09:52   Here's what happens when we DIY our own business

09:52   A lot of stuff gets done halfway or half-assed

13:16   There is the risk of looking amateurish

14:13   Wasting time learning skills you don’t want (or need)

15:02   You're focused on the Wrong thing

16:32   You're not focused on Service Creation/Selling

17:45   3 best places to invest in our business when we're just starting out

19:19   Tech support

21:06   Learning

22:54   Coaching and Strategy help

33:35   What if you have No Money to Invest in your Business?

What questions can I answer? I know this is such a sensitive topic.

Let me know HERE.


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