How I went from laid-off  at 48 to successful,  entrepreneur at 51 and you can, too. 

It was just a regular day at work until something incredible happened:  I got canned.

Yup, sacked – with 10,000 of my favorite colleagues.

I had a choice to make. Find another corporate job or strike out on my own. (No way was I going to ‘work for the man’ again.)

A Slightly Torturous Journey

I started trying to figure out what the hell I wanted to do. 

I went back to my roots. I LOVED writing. So, I got motivated and launched a local online magazine for my town. It was the most stressful, scary, confidence busting, challenging, satisfyingly greatest thing I’ve ever done. 

Then, I got discouraged.

I started taking loads of online courses to learn about modern business. I found lots of millennials who had no idea where I was coming from.

Every class seemed to start at Lesson #7. I was lost before I started. 

… I quickly realized

“Nobody was teaching me about modern entrepreneurship the way I needed to be taught... as the digital immigrant that I am". 

The first few years were rough.


I didn’t hit eject from my cushy corporate gig and land softly on a stack of bills.

Every small “win” was marred by an even bigger hit of self-doubt, sunk costs and a shooting pain inside my entrepreneurial gut that taunted me with a crippling sense of “not enoughness’

Long hours spent in front of the screen without the cash flow to justify it.

Painful “heart-to-hearts” with friends and family, desperately trying to convince them that success was just around the corner.

Missed football games where my son Cade was left wondering why his “cheering” section was depressingly thin.

Botched webinars.

Half-finished products.

And a list so small (and growing so slowly) I could literally memorize every subscriber’s name and recite them on command.

And when I finally did get traction:

I realized that I had built the wrong business.

Burning myself out with 1-on-1 consulting, which, on paper, gave me the right to call myself a “self-sustaining” entrepreneur…

When in reality, I knew that I was simply building another people-pleasing “job” for myself that put everyone else’s big dreams ahead of my own.

So I took a final stand.

I discovered that building my own dream business was NOT at odds with helping others achieve theirs.

That they were in fact two sides of the same coin. So I doubled down and learned how to do it at scale. I learned:

  • How to rapidly grow my email list from a small trickle of passive freeloaders to a seismic wave of loyal tribe members
  • How to build time-leveraged courses that allowed me to scale my impact without burning out.
  • How to create and promote webinars packed with so much value that people would set their alarm clocks at 3am just to attend

And after all that was dialed in…

A Little About Me


Corporate refugee turned two-time successful entrepreneur

Love my two dachshunds more than life itself... the little stinkers.

Love to kayak

Am tryng my damndest to stand up on the stand-up paddle board.

Feel so incredibly lucky I get to work with women 50+ everyday. We totally rock.

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– Colleen Kochannek

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