- Start Your Business With Confidence: A Scrappy 5-Step Plan for Women 50+


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How to Adopt A Scrappy Way of Thinking

Let's get your mindset in the right place: find the time you need to start your business, kick fear of failure to the curb and uncover the amazing assets you already have to bring to the business-starting journey. 


The 5 Critical Goals You Need to Set BEFORE You Go All In

The only way to succeed is to reach goals. To have goals you must set them. They cannot be an after thought. We'll talk about the big ones you really need to think about now.  These goals will be the measure stick you use to guide your business decisions.


How to Find and Refine Your Unique and Sure-To-Succeed Business Idea

You can make a business out of just about anything these days, BUT you need to make sure you're going to love it long term and there are people are willing to pay for it. We'll talk the specific ways to make sure both happen.


About Entrepreneurial Due Diligence

I made one critical and completely avoidable error when I started my first business. I'll teach you how to avoid this one BIG mistake. It's so simple.


How to Test Drive Your Business Idea BEFORE You Jump in Feet First

It's possible to 'try your busines idea' out before investing money, time, your heart and sanity.  I'll show you how. 


Are you ready to start a business, but have no idea where to start?

Start right here with this online class.

I totally get the struggle.  I was canned at 48. I absolutely knew I wanted my own business, but I had no clue which step to take first or where to turn.

I took all sorts of online classes, spent more hours in Google researching than I care to admit, but I stuck with it and was finally able to put all the pieces together.

Since then I've started two of my own businesses. Becoming an entrepreneur has been the best decision I've ever made. 

I want that for you, too.

Join me to learn just what it takes to start your with confidence.

At our age we've got the gumption, passion, experience and smart. Now, let me show you how to put the pieces together so you can start your own business.

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A Note From The Colleen...

Starting a business after 50 is a big deal. It can be scary, overwhelming and frustrating.

But one thing I have learned when tackling something new is we often tend focus on what we don't know about the 'thing'. 

"I don't know the 'tech stuff'. I'm not an expert in social media. I have no idea about marketing."

And we forget to focus on what we DO have.

At 50 and beyond we have so many assets that we can leverage in our journey to becoming successful entrepreneurs - incredbile assets that can only be gained through time and experience.  

The other stuff? The tech, business, social media , selling and marketing? These are simply skills that can be learned at any age. 

I hope you'll join me for this online class.

Having your own business is more than just 'having a business'. It's about freedom, choices and creating a kick-ass next half of our life.

Tell Me about The Scrappy Business Club